Graveyard Benches

William Jewell Cemetery, Liberty, Missouri

William Jewell Cemetery, Liberty, Missouri

Do you ever accept the invitation to rest and ponder?

Walnut Glen, Booneville, Missouri

Walnut Glen, Booneville, Missouri

 I think you can tell when the loved-ones were serious. Many state the implicit invitation in writing.

“We really mean it! Have a seat.”

Dungeness, Washington

Dungeness, Washington

With others, it’s the careful landscaping or spectacular view that makes me feel welcome.

Hazelwood Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri

Unless the bench is old and frail, or occupied,  I take a seat.

Walnut Glen, Booneville, Missouri

Walnut Glen, Booneville, Missouri

In Missouri, that's all I remember.

In Missouri, that’s all I remember.



Be respectful. Use common sense and good judgement, but try it sometime. You’ll feel a very visceral connection. More than simply reading the words on a stone or even enjoying the beauty of a sculpture. This is personal.

Lee's Summit, Missouri

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Let me know what your experience was like.

4 thoughts on “Graveyard Benches

  1. The first picture is located in Mt. Memorial Cemetery on the campus of William Jewell College. Love your pictures. Keep them coming!

  2. I look for these benches to sit and rest or just enjoy the quiet. My husband and I spend a lot of time visiting the many interesting cemeteries in our area on weekends here in Tulsa. We also like to go to the ghost towns that are remnants of the oil boom days which also have graves of land runners and ranchers. The real cowboy cemeteries are very interesting with the iron wagon wheels and rolls of barbed wire decorating the sight. We also visit many Indian cemeteries where one in particular, has houses built over the loved ones grave. Like you we like to photograph the unusual and look for bits of history and find many mysteries to ponder.

    • One of my absolute favorite cemetery visits was to Virginia City, Nevada. Wonderful cowboy graveyard! And I was there during a full solar eclipse. I posted the photos. Check them out. Do you and your husband have a blog? I’d love to see some of your shots.

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