A Creepy Day

North Lawn Cemetery, Rolla, Missouri

North Lawn Cemetery, Rolla, Missouri

I took a trip through southern Missouri months ago.  

Angel in a box, Rolla, Missouri

I had a lovely day, enjoying the blood-pressure-lowering tranquility I usually experience in cemeteries.

North Lawn Cemetery, rolla, Missouri

North Lawn Cemetery

But as I looked over these shots this morning, a decidedly creepy vibe came through.

If you squint, it kind of looks like it’s floating.

I don’t try for spooky when I aim my camera. I just look for interesting angles, beautiful stones.

It’s the shadow in this one. There’s a weight to it that I don’t remember feeling when I was there.

But look at this ominous shadow! I totally missed it while I was there.

North Lawn Cemetery

Interesting bright blue orb.

Do you see the creep factor in this group of images too, or am I just in a mood?

4 thoughts on “A Creepy Day

  1. Let’s see now. You hang out in cemeteries for a relaxing afternoon. And you’re surprised to find that it’s creepy? Hmmmm… My sister, Mooretisha. 🙂

    • I understand the practicality of the box. The monument is lovely. But the effort to preserve it in its newest state denies the “living,” progressive beauty of aging stone. Kind of a metaphor on the grieving process, don’t you think?

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