Goat Bluff Cemetery, Hot Springs, Arkansas

The ride down a long, rough gravel road is worth it to get to this one.

The drive down a long, rough gravel road was worth it to get to this one.

I featured this little cemetery near Hot Springs, Arkansas last month just because I loved the name.

Hand-piled rock wall.

Hand-piled rock wall.

I didn’t find any clues there as to how it got its name, but I did find grave sites that were just as intriguing.

Gone but definitely not forgotten.

The graves at Goat Bluff said as much about the community of people left behind as they did about those they memorialize.

Grave sites like this speak volumes.

Can’t you just imagine the funeral services held in this shelter?

I think it still gets used, don't you?

I think it still gets used, don’t you?

Funeral service shelter

2 thoughts on “Goat Bluff Cemetery, Hot Springs, Arkansas

  1. A favorite haunt of mine. The name is simple as the cemetery is in a bluff called Goat Bluff. The people were simple as well. Most of the stones until recently are uninscribed local rock probably dug up during the burial. Religion & family were very important to them but they were very poor.
    The people were mostly from antebellum south, from families who immigrated well before the revolution. That being said, they accepted newcomers, regardless of religion, politics, war service or origin, not that there were many, as it was a hard land
    The shelter is still in use, Crains (some descended from above) are mostly buried there now and attend the place with great respect along with others
    see you there — Michael Cooper

    • Thanks for the background info! When I spotted the sign, I pulled off the highway, backed up and had to see where the road up the hill ended. It’s nice to learn more about the place. It has a peaceful vibe that matches its history.

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