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Here are some gorgeous shots by a cemetery girl after my own heart. Enjoy.

Reflections Upon My Reality

My favorite place in all of Cincinnati has to be Spring Grove Cemetery. I would challenge anyone to find a more beautiful place in the tri-state area.

It is overflowing with the most lovely flora and fauna, not to mention the statues and mausoleums…

I trekked across the river two weeks ago to try and capture some “winter bleak” photos with my new camera.
I thought I was well prepared; I had charged the battery the night before, gathered all my equipment that morning and headed out.

I get to Spring Grove just in time to see that there is still some fog floating above one of the ponds, I’m excited!
I sling the camera around my neck, stick the iPhone in my pocket and head over to the pond.
I turn on the camera.



Annoyed, I head back to the car, switch out the batteries.



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