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Here are some gorgeous shots by a cemetery girl after my own heart. Enjoy.

Reflections Upon My Reality

My favorite place in all of Cincinnati has to be Spring Grove Cemetery. I would challenge anyone to find a more beautiful place in the tri-state area.

It is overflowing with the most lovely flora and fauna, not to mention the statues and mausoleums…

I trekked across the river two weeks ago to try and capture some “winter bleak” photos with my new camera.
I thought I was well prepared; I had charged the battery the night before, gathered all my equipment that morning and headed out.

I get to Spring Grove just in time to see that there is still some fog floating above one of the ponds, I’m excited!
I sling the camera around my neck, stick the iPhone in my pocket and head over to the pond.
I turn on the camera.



Annoyed, I head back to the car, switch out the batteries.



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Oh, Pioneers!

Antioch Pioneer Cemetery, Overland Park, Kansas

Finding this beautiful little cemetery was one of those brakes screeching, right-turn-without-a-signal moments for me. It was a rainy day.  I hadn’t planned on visiting anyplace that didn’t involve parking close and scurrying into an open door as quickly as possible.

Quaint, little church still standing on the site.

Lucky for me, the Antioch Pioneer Cemetery called to me, and I had my camera in the car.

Exquisite, marble flutist.

I’m a sucker for an elegant marble statue and these girls took my breath away.

I need to go back and take more pictures on a day when I don’t have to worry about keeping my camera dry.

Surprises like these keep me digging graves.

Visit this one sometime.