What’s in a Name?

Ninety-nine percent of the time that’s all you get, names and dates.

 Often “Mother” or “Father”, “wife of.”

But as I’ve said before, that can be enough to set my imagination  running. For instance, did this woman’s momma really name her Grandma?  Or had she been one for so long when she died that everybody’d forgotten her first name…and the rest of her life?

The old-timey names make me smile.

Harry and Mary Tootle, you know they ust had to be a fun couple!  And I’m always on the lookout for Moore’s.  It’s rare, in the Midwest not to find at least one in every cemetery. Someday, I’ll do a more and more Moore’s post.

And this little one had to have been somebody’s darling. It’s amazing how much a name and dates can say.

6 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I have often wondered if people just don’t worry about those who follow outside the age of remembrance. Are they being sentimental, or art they doing what has to be done. Fascinating post.

    • I’ve wondered too, especially the name, rank and serial number types. What’s the point really. The gut-wrenchingly intimate ones have obvious purpose and keep sending a message long after the deceased passes out of living memory. Although, the message may not be what their loved ones intended.

      • When my mom passed my dad was so distraught that he got it wrong. She was buried in a vets cemetery and he planned to be buried there as well. Since it would be a shared plot they only put my mother’s first name and initial – just Barbara F – so weird. I wondered what people thought. It’s fixed now:)

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