Graveyard Picnics?

Fairview, Kearney, MO

I’ve got a couple of favorite lunch spots.

One’s in town and one’s out of town, but I can grab a sandwich and get to both of them in time to have a leisurely meal and get back to work within an hour.  Yes, they’re both cemeteries. Does that make me weird?

Love the patina!

I picnic, sitting in my car, about once a week rain or shine.

I usually have an audio book to listen to, but sometimes I just mellow out to the patter of rain or birds singing, bees buzzing.

It’s perfectly legal to picnic in most cemeteries, basket, blanket and all. Mexican Day of the Dead traditions include partying with your departed loved ones and sharing a full meal right there around the headstone.

Respect is the only rule, for the living and the dead. And, of course, clean up before you leave.

I’ve got to say, that kind of lunch hour gives you a little perspective. It really makes you feel like you’ve gotten away from work!

Just for fun, let’s take a poll.